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I-JACK: Invader Jack By: James Clinton Walker III. CHAPTER 2 SOLUTION REALIZED

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 6:40 PM

I – JACK: Invader Jack

By: James Clinton Walker III.



James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Midnight shift ends and Jay has the go ahead from Sakurai. Jay messages the whole crew. He even contacts Jack and tells him that he wants to meet with him and his engineer friend, Jon Dover on the Saturday before the meet. He forwards information to Jacks’ friend in case he wanted a head start into what was going down saying, “Contact Williams, Dietrich, and Crouse for details. They’ll bring you up to speed if you’re interested.” He gave his crew specific details to leave out, “Just share that there is a chance at a contract that could be pretty fruitful”, Jay told them. Dover and Jack had a few possible roles to play as either assisting medic and engineer or simply security alongside Walters himself.

Jay sent an additional message to his original crew that for the prototype he needed a paralyzed dog and preferably a vicious one. Its front legs didn’t have to be paralyzed but one with hind legs that didn’t work would do. He said, “If you can only find a vicious dog between now and Sunday it will do. Williams will be sedating it anyhow, neutralizing its limbs. I just want the prototype to be able to prove without question that we have successfully hijacked the subject.”

The prior Sunday during the first briefing of his team, Jay had given specifics about how his device should work in theory and why sedating the subject is important. He stated, “It’s my theory that while a subject is limp it is less likely to resist the movements that it has now been programmed to do. This will decrease injury and increase the subjects’ conversion from rabid beast to docile asset. When the subject realizes it has no control over its own motor functions it then can be reformed. He explains further that all movements will first have to be designed almost like a 3DCG animated game or movie, with blue room sequencing. Next, all that would have to be done would be to read the commands that have been programmed into the lead computer and it would remotely control the subject. The main importance would be to fit the harness correctly and program commands without error because we do not want to damage or injure the subject. The secondary device would be the crown, which is meant to electro shock a target if it somehow breaks free of the jack.

Saturday rolls by and the team is working out any kinks while Jay is meeting with the last remaining members. Jay talks to these members alone because their job is far more than just technical. Jack Ames and his engineer friend Jonathan Dover were both ex-Special Forces members. They had both been specially trained to be ready to react and respond to high stakes situations. Jack was medical released from service when the Army felt he was no longer cost effective. Dover, on the other hand, was a dishonorable discharge for the crime of theft. Jon explained that it was part of a mission in a place they were not supposed to be and he was thrown under the bus so that the mission could go off without a hitch. Due to tension in the area, the country of the theft wanted Jon’s head and the U.S. Army needed a fall guy. He was never pardoned and the paperwork had not changed. Jay needed these men primarily for security and if anything got hairy he wanted them to keep tabs on the technical side as backups.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Sunday, Jay drives into work and is on the clock as usual but the status of his duty today is not known to the security firm Jay works for. The exhibit to be viewed by the mental institutes investors today are not on any books of Mr. Sakurai's. The institute is running a skeleton crew and most areas have been locked down for Jay, Sakurai, and VIP personnel to include Jays’ team and the investors. Everyone has arrived and is ready to begin. Jay is uneasy about this because he knows there could be no turning back from this point. He is still going forward with best intentions in mind.

Sakurai gives a short introduction to the proceedings, Jay, and his staff. After his intro, it is now Jays’ turn. Jay talks this up as the latest innovation in medical science and he lets Williams take the lead so that Sakurai and the investors continue on that line of belief. He’s hoping the teams “good intentions” will fool Sakurai and the investors into that same line of thinking. Jay had his suspicions things would turn out otherwise. Jay and his team had already put in the patent and registered request that Monday after their first meeting. He had Dietrich and Crouse keep tabs because they had plans for keeping the invention from prying eyes. Jay told Sakurai about the patent but not about hiding the plan. He needed this to look as forthcoming as possible so that no one would try to bully them right from the beginning. Walters had a knack for reading people, either they say too much or too little. Sakurai was the latter.

Williams had given most of his brief flawlessly. It was now time to show what could be done. Jay was almost surprised at how relaxed he was about the prototype. Jay had no technical background and was definitely not a scientist but he felt positive his theory would work and felt even more confident after seeing the excitement from Dietrich and Crouse. Those two rogues really put him at ease. They reminded him of a hacker mechanic friend of his when he was stationed at Ft. Campbell. He figured with two guys like that and the backup crew, this would go off without any issue. He also thought that if they failed maybe that was how things were meant to go. This kept him calm.

His worries centered on Sara. He didn’t want to bring her into a hail storm. He knew she answered “Okay” mainly because her attraction to him, however deep that ran. He felt she was the most vulnerable and had the most to lose out of everyone in this room. If this investment failed the worse that would happen to Sara would be she could just return to her life as a banker. If they succeeded greed could be far more dangerous than anyone was prepared to deal with. Jay had to go forward and he wanted her there because he didn’t want to back down to negative possibilities ever. “Always go forward, no looking back”, Jay thought. His face had intensified as he was scanning the room and the reactions of Sakurai and his investors. He was also watching Jack and Dover. Sara was originally scanning as well but her eyes locked on Jay. She knew Jay was always serious during business but this was scaring her. She immediately started to question her decisions leading her here but she knew she was here now. She told herself, “Stay calm, breath, everything is going smoothly.” This scared her even more because she couldn’t understand Jays’ tension.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Williams had completed the surgery with the aid of Ames. They secured the contact points of their device to the subject and their job was done from that point. The subjects’ vital signs had not changed and the procedure seemed to be a success. It was now time for Dietrich and Crouse to show their device had actually worked. During the week, while they were creating the device there were no problems except when in conjunction with the epidural harness. There seemed to be a problem due to the movement that made the device dangerous to the subjects and trying to correct that created issues with the alignment of the device. Dover had suggested creating a shell to house the epidural apparatus and aligning the contact points to the shell similar to a beetle. He suggested that each shell would have to be based off the subjects dimensions the same as the contacts so that movement is not an issue anymore. This adjustment was correct and they were all confident to move forward to this point.

The dog had survived all prior procedures. It was a little less vicious than when they adopted it from the kennel that was getting ready to put it down. They explained to the kennel their plans saying, “We are trying to create a device that would better this animal’s quality of life as well as make it more docile.” Williams flashed his credentials at the kennel as a doctor and they took his word for it. Since then, the animal had been fed better than ever and sedated enough times to change its mood quite a bit. If this device was a success and funded, the dog may gain a new pair of hind legs but also no longer have the freedom of being vicious. If told to sit, it would be programmed to do so involuntarily. The subject, although sedated, would have its mental faculties and its muscles would receive exercise without having control or feeling fatigue. This is all being explained by Williams while Dietrich and Crouse are controlling the exhibit. When the test had been run successfully, Williams ended the brief by saying, “After every successful usage of the device a subject must have an exam both mentally and physically to check for wear. Usually, the subject benefits from the device but the joints and psychological faculties can be pushed too far if not kept under observation.”

The investors were buzzing after the exhibit. No one in the room had ever thought or heard of such an idea. The crew was excited as well and had images of leaving their jobs and lining their pocket books from self-made success. Everyone seemed satisfied but Sara could still see Jays’ fear and she now could see his focus. Jays’ eyes remained glued to Sakurai upon the completion of the exhibit. His focus would only shift to Ames and Dover from time to time and Sara noticed their focus was equal to his. She was fearful something she had not anticipated was about to go down. Finally, Sakurai spoke. He said to his investors, “Well, my esteemed colleagues, what do you think?” They all applauded and Sakurai said, “We will back the manufacture and usage of this device here in the hospital until it can be used at other facilities and even taken abroad.” Jay interrupted Sakurai to add an additional request before accepting any offers, “Sir, investors, we would like for our team to have the exclusive lead on this program until others could be trained to conduct the procedures expertly!” Sakurai was surprised that Jay had spoken but replied, “Of course, I do not think we would have it any other way.” Sakurai then ended, giving Jay a bowing nod.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

When all was completed, Sakurai had a small dining planned with drinks. As the food, wine, and champagne were brought in Sakurai motioned Jay over. Jay nodded at the others to keep their attention. He and Sara walked over to Sakurai. Sakurai began, “I didn’t know you were the lead on this project Jay, I was under the impression that this was Dr. Williams’ innovation.” Jay said, “We are all a team and no one has lead, however, Dr. Williams and his team gave birth to my idea.” Sakurai smiled and added, “You are full of surprises Jay, who would think a mere security guard would have so much hidden inside his mind. Now, are you going to introduce me to this lovely lady?” Jay said, with a bit of a seething intrigue, “This is my partner, agent, and accounting specialist Sara O’Neill.” While Sara and Sakurai were getting acquainted, Jay turned and looked at Ames and Dover as to keep their alertness.

Jay could not tell about the other investors but he had an underlying distrust for Sakurai. He would take his time to find out where the intent for this investment would head. Jay thought to himself, “I made two mistakes tonight. I let my desire for the team to take lead come from my mouth instead of Williams. I also shouldn’t have let Sakurai know my connection to the project was anything more than a lowly guard looking for a finder’s fee from some investors. I could have kept a better eye on Sakurai had he not known the level of my involvement. He may have had suspicions before but now he knows I have a connection to this project, and what’s worse he has also taken an interest in Sara. Hopefully, that is because she’s hot. From the look I got of Sakurai’s office, he is definitely a hunter. I’ll have to tread lighter from now on.”

Sakurai called for everyone’s attention saying, “We will have to discuss amongst my constituents and I about a contract fee for you and your team…who should I address this to, you Jay…Dr. Williams?” Jay replied, “Actually, Ms. O’Neill is primary for financial discussions but all else would be a team discussion.” Jay was trying to hide his frustration from Sakurai trying to call him out in front of everyone. He couldn’t wait for this night to be over and a chance to talk with the entire team about everything, especially the conclusion.

The day was over and while Sara went home with Jay, everyone else went their separate ways. Jay made sure to have the team get business cards and contact info from all the investors before they left. He knew the only foothold Sakurai might try to employ is dividing the team so he could reap the spoils. In Jay's mind he knew two could play at that game. With many different investors he could undercut Sakurai just the same way or at least stall some decisions made if they all had to decide in a committee. Sara voiced her concern to Jay asking, “What have you gotten me into.” Jay smiled, obviously worried, saying,”I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.” They were both worried about what was to come at this point but they were moving forward together and Jay was happy to have the companionship of someone who was willing to do that. He only thought to himself, “How can I keep this going?”


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

As the weeks went on the entire crew continued their daily lives as they would normally have done. Jay still worked multiple jobs and weekends training fighters. He still wrote the novels adding in points from real life changing names and conditions so no one would connect his story to his life. In his novels Jays’ main character Lee is an electronic engineer. He is smart, very successful, and he and his boss get along great and have decided to make their creation without patent and in secret from society. In the real world, Sara is still bank manager and has been trying to teach her staff the duties of her job while telling them she’s expecting to get married and move. Ames was doing odd jobs and trying to get by on his remaining military benefits until this deal went through. Dover had just got hired onto the same contract as Dietrich and Crouse but had a probationary period of three months before he was a permanent employee. Williams was still working in the O.R. telling co-workers that he was planning to go into business on his own.

Jay had asked Williams to be the face of the company. This was not how Jay had pictured it himself but after originally pitching the idea to Sakurai as Williams’ innovation and later placing the patent in Williams’ name, it seemed the only choice was to remain with that appearance in mind. Jay trusted all of the crew, especially since most of them couldn’t act without the others. Williams was the only one who could gain anything on his own but he also knew Williams wouldn’t want to challenge the other six members of the team. He would have to know how seriously the rest of the team took this.

Sara had been in constant contact with the investors since the tests’ success. She would only have video contact via the internet because Jay did not trust Sakurai alone with any of his crew. Sara had been negotiating the cost of the contract the team would be agreeing to. Her first quote suggested a one and a half million U.S. dollar agreement with twenty-five percent shares in order to establish an automated roll out to mass produce the product. Sakurai counter offered with only a five-hundred thousand USD agreement and only ten percent shares. Sara told Sakurai and the investors she would discuss it with the team but she believed the bid was too low.

The team would either meet each Sunday at Jays’ place or, since everyone except Dietrich and Crouse had joined the gym, they would talk after workouts. On many days they would all video conference on-line. They discussed the price and most didn’t have a problem with the counter offer but Jay voiced his opinion. “This is Sakurai bidding for control”, he said. “The offer is only this low because he knows we have something big and he wants to buy us out with a low bid to later control the overall industry. He wants this to remain small, which I don’t have a problem with but he’s trying to burn out our pocket books. Think of this, why would anyone accept a ten percent offer for their own idea? With twenty-five percent we have a say in our future and all we need is other investors on our side to swing a vote in our favor. I guarantee you Sakurai has at least a ten percent share and he couldn’t create this without us. The lowest we should go is one mil USD and twenty-five percent share holdings, unless they want to offer us fifty which is what we should have but it’s not realistic without our own bankroll.” They all agreed with Jays’ logic and hoped he was correct.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Sara was to go forward with the final counter offer with the added instruction to remind them the team already owned the idea. The patent was approved and in Williams name. If Sakurai wanted to gamble and try to buy Williams over, that would be a bad call because everyone on the team were ready and willing to fight for this including Williams’ friends from childhood, Crouse and Dietrich. This would get ugly real soon and Sakurai would still have nothing. For Jay, this was his idea and he knew he couldn’t do it alone but this had much more at stake than a stupid dollar value or property. He explained that to the team before any bidding had taken place. He told them about his visions and why he even thought up this device. This was warfare to him and he did not play with such things.

Sara gave the counter offer to the board of investors also noting the added fact that they can take the idea to any other investor letting them know how low the institutes bid was. She went further to say that it was in the best interest of all involved to move forward with this as discreetly as possible. The board asked her for a moment to review the offer and reconvene after lunch. She reminded them that today was the last day her team could afford and they would move forward to pitch this to another client if an agreement wasn’t reached.

The board contacted Sara only fifteen minutes later to let her know they would agree to the terms and that Williams’ team would need to stay in contact so they can begin right away. They also told Sara that the team would need to have an official name so that they could complete the contract and set a begin date and number of units to start with. The contracts would consist of three month increments for no less than one year and would be renegotiated every year unless there was an issue. Sara was happy that this was coming to a close on her end. She liked the thought that all the members had an agreed hundred thousand to look forward to for the year. That was more than any of them currently made, including Williams because he was a U.S. Army Reserve Physician in the O.R., which meant high usage, low value. Everyone on the team would make a nice coin this year.

Sara contacted Jay and the rest of the team so they could VTC online. She told them all the good news and that none of them should leave their day jobs until this was set. They were all excited, even Jay who suggested they have a get together at his place before they found their own office to work from. He had always offered his place as an office in-case they needed to cut costs. Sara didn’t like that idea, if they were to go on living together. A lot of things were going to change real fast for all of them. In the past Jay had run a small business in Japan, so he knew everyone would need to get busy as soon as the contract was legally awarded. He told Williams, Crouse and crew to get the “Will-Co. Treatment Solutions” business name approved. Walters had used his own money to fund everything so far and once this contract came in it would be company money being spent. The initial split would take place and what was left would go to the company. That would be less than three hundred thousand after expenses. Jay just hoped the shares would pay out for any other expenses. Within the Will-Co Treatment Solutions division they would need to have a board and shares as well. There would be a lot of details to go over in the days to come.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Months have passed since Sara’s meeting with their investors. The Will-Co Treatment Solutions name was already taken and they settled for “Williams Med-Tech” as a suitable replacement. It actually was the better name and sounded more distinguished. They were currently on contract to Sakurai’s Mental Institute and the leads of WMT were at board meetings to weigh in on their devices future. The lead personnel for WMT would be Williams, Jay, and Sara. Jay wanted Dietrich and Crouse involved but they still desired to stay off the grid as much as possible. Sakurai didn’t want too many people representing a single group and so the three of them were exactly enough to keep from any debates.

For their first contract they only needed to develop ten units for specific patients. Sakurai had to move forward carefully on his end so not to cause any undue attention or lawsuits to his institute. He found a few families both of differing status that would be willing to sign a waiver for scientific study with their family member. He told them the study is meant to improve the subjects way of life if not cure them. In any case these families would be given incentives for their cooperation. Sakurai was sure to pick families that rarely visited. These families, both rich and poor, had legal rights over their disadvantaged loved ones and only were concerned about getting them out of the way. If they stood to make any money from that, it was a bonus in their book.

Sakurai had long felt this institute was his prison. The study of mental illness began as an interest to him when he was young. He had many questions growing up as a child. His family was descendants of Japanese refugees forced into internment camps during the war. He was raised in Arizona near an area not far away from where his grandparents were kept. Sakurai’s father was a very hard man. He raised his son hunting and believing in strength or death. It was this mindset that Sakurai originally wanted to study. He later became more interested in all forms of mental disturbance. He has been noted for saying, “There are few mental illnesses that anyone could prove they are not infected by.” Many of his colleagues in the past had not agreed with that statement. Sakurai is most noted for having his father committed to his own institute. Jay had heard stories but had never come across Sakurai’s father and almost wondered if it were just a story to create mystique.

Jay found himself studying Sakurai’s actions but one thing Jay had learned both as a fighter and soldier was to never look your opposition in the eyes. You never want to let a person know when you are coming after them. Jay had mastered the art of acting uninterested in topics of interest. In fights, Jay would focus on the movement of his opponents feet, waste, and hands in that order. He would say, “Too many fighters get caught up in the eyes of their opponents until they themselves are seeing stars. You watch your opponents’ feet to see when they are in range. You watch their hips to know the direction or course they plan to travel. You watch their hand to block, counter, or do both. Who cares about what their eyes look like, if you act correctly you’ll see that all opponents’ eyes are black and blue from the beating you inflict.” Jay had never thought he’d apply this to business but in Sakurai’s presence he felt no comfort. He only felt the need to stay sharp. He thought he would take a look into the mystery of Sakurai’s father, maybe even ask Sakurai himself to see his reaction.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay knew he needed to control his negativity about Sakurai. He could not prove anything more than the man being a sharp businessman and mental physician. Jay just hated being in the institute. It made him feel he was in a horror film. Sakurai would be the perfect evil villain for such a film because he felt so cold. Jay also found himself, having been prior law enforcement, always overly questioning everything and everyone. He needed to trust his instincts but leave a margin of objectivity. No one is infallible.

Jay thought about Sara. He had been doing that a lot lately. He sometimes wished they would have gotten in touch after he had already succeeded in this alone. Maybe she could have just been safe and oblivious to his work, like most spouses. He knew in his heart why he didn’t go that route but he worried for her safety. Sara took the initiative to help Jay and join the gym, she put him in contact with his team, and in spite of how reckless and impulsive partnering with Jay was she was down for it. Jay chose to bring her in believing that there was strength in her, not physical but internal that brought these things in line. Whatever his fears were, Jay knew he couldn’t go back now.

He had one more night shift with the security firm and he would want to use it wisely. He spoke to Dietrich and Crouse his favorite two rebels and he also involved Ames and Dover who had been given the jobs of Security Officer and Security Engineer at WMT. He asked for all of them to meet with him at his place to discuss something off the books. Walters had ended his job with the driver’s education company he worked for one month earlier. He was now able to take his daytime off when working night shift. He would go into WMT to give reports from the meetings to the team but he wouldn’t stay on the clock long because he hadn’t officially taken on his position. Walter’s was given two generic titles, Security Advisor and Assistant Team Lead. His first titles duties were to cover if and when Jay was needed to advise Ames on how to deal with situations. Since Ames was sharp on duty, Jay only had to write security standard protocol and have Ames look it over to see if it was sound.

This morning Jay wanted to meet with those he had asked, away from the others because what they were doing could cause a problem. Jay had forwarded info to Crouse and Dietrich because he needed some spy equipment for his last night’s work. He explained to them both the capabilities of what he would need and asked them could they do it? Jay always loved seeing their expression, and in this case hearing it, when they were asked can they do a task. If it was a challenge the two could hardly ever say no. Ames and Dover were similar only in the fact that they were always down to take on a possible threat. Ames and Dover, however, were not rebels and thought Dietrich and Crouse were childish little men. Whatever their philosophy, Jay needed all their help or he would have to do the task alone and would possibly leave trails. The task tonight would be Sakurai research. Jay needed a little more intel on Sakurai’s background. He also wanted to know if Sakurai’s father were really still a patient at the institute if he ever really was. Sara and Williams couldn’t know so they wouldn’t seem guilty if they had to deny knowledge of such a thing. Jay did not worry about himself or the others.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

A few days earlier, Jay had asked Sakurai for some VIP passes for two of his personnel. He said they were security crew from WMT and he needed them to move some equipment from the Institute to their new office. Jay had worked that night and the following nights before his meetings with Sakurai and later with his own team. He had created clear footage from the CCTV monitors for the areas he was planning on investigating. He gave that footage to Dietrich and Crouse the night he forwarded them his request for the specific spy equipment. The equipment he requested was to be used by him, Ames, and Dover in sequence with the footage that would be live streamed to create an all clear on the monitors. If things worked correctly no one would know what was taking place. On top of getting the VIP clearance for his staff, the institute was always on a skeleton crew on nights when WMT devices were being tested. This was meant to happen so that other patients and staff would not be around to report anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

Jay, Ames, and Dover were all equipped with a few different devices meant to scan, hack, and forward information to Jays’ home. From Jays’ place, Crouse and Dietrich would process and record the data in real time. Later the team would discuss what they found in the same manner. Jay had told Sara he wanted the place so that he and the guys could have one last private moment before they moved in with each other permanently. Sara wanted to respect his last wish for privacy and didn’t argue the subject. The coast was clear as far as they knew. If someone were to catch Jay and his team, his one major request was that the devices be made easily degradable in natural solutions or environment. They made all the devices outer shells with harden sugars and waxes that would degrade instantly in water or if hidden in soil would be unrecognizable.

Jay would walk his VIP crew into the main office to upload their badges. While in the office Jays’ first device would run a scan in the background of the offices computer which was networked to most systems in the building. Jay would also scan for security codes to doors and passages that they did not have access to. He could not scan the badges themselves because they were useless pieces of plastic and the access changed after each shift. Getting the layout and patient roster of all patients was an absolute. Jay would need all this information if he was to get into Sakurai’s office for any other intel after this night. If needed, he could always ask for a meeting with the man and try to scan for intel that way. He wanted a backdoor to exploit any possible holes he can gain knowledge from. Jay, Ames, and Dover hit all the rooms in which they needed to and also acquired the data Jay needed. When all was done, the team left, Jay turned in all badges, and he was escorted out as was policy. Dietrich and Crouse had all the received data and the five of them would go over the information in the future as needed. Jay would call Sara to let her know the guys had left the house after their brief get together. He told her, “I did miss you tonight and would much rather had spent my time with you.” She replied, “Yeah sure.” She laughed but Jay was serious. He would have much preferred not feeling the need or ever having to do something on this level.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

The following day was Walters’ official start date to his roles at WMT. He was to have an on-site meeting with Williams and Sara. They would discuss many of the topics covered at the Sakurai Institute, the future of their technology, and what goals or problems may be in store for the application of their tech. Jay wanted to discuss some plans to be implemented to keep their device from being completely out of their control or used for purposes WMT did not agree with. No matter whose name the company was in, Jay did not want to lose sight that the only purpose of the company was as a front for the device itself. In Jays’ mind this device could guide mankind’s future whether there was an invasion or not.

From the time Walters devised this plan to combat his vision he knew this could just be some manic thing. In order to keep this device from becoming a threat itself, he knew he would have to plan how it could be used to help in an ordinary non-combative life. Jay took the time to push this idea to his fellow WMT board members. He said, “Imagine if our clients were able to reform mentally or physically to an even greater height due to advances in our technology. I mean, think of it, we have literally developed an exoskeleton for human-beings. Similar to training wheels, our device helps to ease the body into alignment. However, this alignment could strengthen the body and support it to a level that may never have been reached without the device. We could have actually invented the evolutionizing, not just revolutionizing factor of the human race.”

Jay continued by stating the one factor they had to be sure of is that greed was not the blinding factor of their investors and fellow shareholders. He did not want the blind lust for power to ruin any future growth or improvement in mankind that his product could provide. Williams said, “I’m in agreement with you on everything and I’m sure Ms. O’Neill is as well.” He continued, “I only want you to remember and keep in mind, we have grown a lot further and faster than a pet project of mine, Dietrich’s or Crouse’s. We are now a full organization of which my name and face are all over. We need to step carefully and assuredly on every detail and keep in mind we still have to keep up with customer demand.” Walters nodded in agreement. He felt Williams would be a wise choice for the face of the group, not just from the present situation but also if his visions were true. Walters had thought of this organization on a large scale as the front line for what the future may bring. This team was just a small beginning of an opposition force. Jay felt hope and as the organization grew, so to would the hope of opposing such possible threats. Jay looked at Sara who did not say much but seemed to be in agreement. He really wanted to succeed for her and didn’t want to let her down or put her in any danger. In the end, he was very impressed with her poise throughout all of this and hoped they could support each other in things to come.



James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay had contacted Ames, Dover, Dietrich, and Crouse and told them all he would want to meet with them from time to time for site security briefings. Walters would want to do this on and off the books. He had some ideas that he wanted to go over to help with preventative measures in safeguarding and updating their tech. He would also want to hear any ideas or concerns from the rest of the team. He informed them that the on the books meetings would sometimes include O’Neill and Williams themselves. Such meetings would have to be dealt with professionally and may involve them divulging personal information such as spending and lifestyle choices that may be used against them or the company. The off the books meetings would be more relaxed and have to deal with the dirt of the organization, things that he knew himself, the security staff, and his rebel engineers could handle and keep under wraps.

Jay had wanted to talk to Ames and Dover quickly to go over site security. He said, “Jack, Jon…wants some coffee?” Walters himself was not a big coffee drinker but knew it was a good way to get people relaxed and thinking in an office setting. “Fellas, I’m not sure how far you both have gotten on securing the site but I’d like to be sure our site is bug free. We can’t have Sakurai or any unknowns listening in on our site communications either on or off the books. Jon, I want you to take lead on this and keep myself and Jack informed if necessary. Also, you can commandeer my rogues too if you need them. Just keep in mind their official duties take precedence over site security. That job falls to us three primarily. I and Jack will add any updates to the site SOP’s when you give us the word. Jack, you have eyes and ears on everything, man. Keep me posted as I will you on any matters of concern as well as new updates at the site. We may also have VIP’s visiting so I’ll make sure you’re informed so you can stay on top of things. If either of you have any questions let me know, otherwise you’re free to get back to it.” Ames and Dover shrugged their shoulders, neither men too stressed over their new positions. They had both been involved in far greater initiatives as far as threats were concerned but they both took this current job plenty seriously.

Ames and Dover had both been hung out to dry from their lives in the military. Both men felt very patriotic about their country and their duty to it but had become bitter from the outcomes of their service. This new duty was a huge chance for both men’s future and they would want to secure it as best they could. Ames and Dover had started on their tasks ensuring that they would both report when the jobs were done. From here Jay would want to talk to Dietrich and Crouse about ways to further secure their current tech and any future tech or developments. The two engineers had been given a huge laboratory and were constantly getting their Christmas list of things they asked for to make updates to, adjustments, and adaptations for the device. Walters had gone up to the lab to inform the two of his request for updates and safeguards. He would want their input to ensure the best step forward in securing the organizations technology.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay walked over where the two men were working. They had been trying to complete their latest task and test for quality assurance. Sakurai had few items requested for D-wing of his facility. The institute was separated into four wings and each wing had a room that housed patients that were able to move in general population and rooms for those who needed to be removed. Dietrich and Crouse were finishing up the devices to be used for each particular patient that had been cleared for the procedure. They had updated the devices so that they could be fitted or altered to fit nearly any patient with only a few adjustments by Sakurai’s own medical staff and tech support.

Jay said to them both, “Guys, I have a task and request for you before we send any permanent items to Sakurai. If we have already sent any, I would like them called back and replaced by the new models if at all possible. With our current model device, what is to stop our signal from being hacked and prompting a patient to do things we had not programmed? Is there anything gentlemen?” Dietrich and Crouse smiled, knowing where Jay was going with this question. Crouse replied, “We foresaw you would have this concern so we built a few solutions already. That being said, there is not anything currently installed or connected to the device other than the crown, which you requested at the start. Heinz has some ideas along those lines but we opted not to make changes to the device before discussing them with you. What we do have already are remote based signal emitters that are meant to combat any pirate signals. Our concern with changing the devices themselves was that when you put fail safes on an item people tend to want to combat them. As hackers ourselves, we live for those opportunities. However, if you don’t seem to be guarding something too closely people’s attempts seem to be less imaginative and easy to thwart.”

Jay smiled, he knew the two would advise him of the correct way to respond and was hoping they would have a backup or at least be able to produce one quickly. He admired their approach and philosophy to their life’s purpose. The two men had been fans of all the famous hackers of the past and others who were not so famous or just plain unknown. They were like brothers and had always believed to be a truly successful hacker no one could know you even existed. Both men had spent their lives reading, studying, and inventing devices and programs to combat the greats or the famous. They believed by being humble and constantly in study, their technical sword would remain sharp and ready to be used when a situation presented itself. Meeting Jay made them wonder if the purpose for their life’s study and pursuit had arrived. His vision presented itself as the ultimate challenge to them and every bit of what they have been working on has been in line with combating such a problem from a technical standpoint. They liked the fact that Walters kept coming to them with these tasks and that his focus never seemed to change to a pursuit of money. They would have lost any belief in him and would have only done enough work to get paid, if Jay had changed. The two thought of their wealth now or in the future only in terms of how much more tech they could amass or how much their knowledge could combat any great challenge.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay left the lab satisfied that they were all on the same page when dealing with securing the site and the products within it. He felt he had grown sure of Ames, Dover, Dietrich, and Crouse especially after their night op on Jay's last day as a Sakurai Institute security guard. He felt bad, as if he had left Sara and Williams out. He wanted to tell them but felt the timing had to be right so they would understand the importance of what was done instead of it seeming like paranoia. He would just have to hope things all turned out for the best and so far that is how it all seemed. Nevertheless, he felt uneasy about it all.

The following week he was to return to Sakurai institute with the whole team. They were to bring the order of devices to be secured to the cleared patients. Jay asked that Sarah wait at the main office so that she could deal with the completion of this order in the contract. His real reason for asking her to leave was he wasn’t sure if she could deal with the moral dilemma of running the procedure on human subjects. He knew the thought was hard but much easier to deal with than actually witnessing it. Jay didn’t like it much either but he had thought it over many times and this was much better than what he really feared was to come. He and his team had to see this through and so far Sakurai had proven to be an allie in that endeavor. Walters didn’t care much whether he trusted or liked the man he was helping him create a breakthrough that may help mankind even if there were no impending doom.

Today Sakurai wanted the WMT team there to train his own staff so they would be able to do the procedure themselves and to learn how to perform maintenance checks in functionality for the devices. Sakurai had got the support of his peers in hiring his own staff to run the procedure. His goal, which he shared with Jay and the other board members, was to have the WMT team train many institutes around the world if this were successful. Sakurai would want to travel with them, presenting himself as their benefactor. This was all agreed to by the WMT firm because the man did indeed help to make this a possibility. Walters, however, had additional reasons to be there today.

He had asked his security and technical team to meet up earlier in the week. He wanted to cover the data they acquired from the institute on Jay's last day. They also touched bases to see if the tasks he gave them for WMT were completed. When they were confirmed Jay asked his two main techs to keep their countermeasures on hand whenever dealing with Sakurai or his institute. He told Ames to be especially on guard today because Jay wanted to meet with Sakurai in his office to see if he could get a final bit of knowledge that eluded him on their night op. Ames was to wait with the rest of the crew at the vehicle receiving whatever new data Jay found using Dietrich and Crouse’s spy tech. Jay gave him orders that if anything were to go down, to move the crew immediately off site and back to WMT. He told the security and his techs, “I am going to tell Sakurai I have an ethical dilemma and need to know the truth about his father if I am to trust him going forward branching into future markets. It’s not an unreasonable thing to ask but I don’t suspect it will be a welcomed subject seeing that we were unable to get that data in our first collection. Today we should, one way or another.”


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

When all the patients had been successfully outfitted with the gear and all tests were ran. Sakurai looked to his medical and technical staff to see if they were satisfied that they could perform the procedure successfully themselves. They were all confident and happy to be a part of this new study. Jay asked Williams to assist Sara at the main office and the team should go with him as well to help in any finalizations or with any questions. Jay then stepped in Sakurai’s direction so they could talk. Jay asked, “Would you mind speaking in private, your office to be specific. I have a few reservations I want to get clarity on before WMT makes any serious moves forward or abroad with your institute as our sponsor. If all goes well this shouldn’t take long nor should it affect business in any way.” Sakurai returned, “This way Jay, by all means.”

They all went to the main office together and Sakurai had Jay buzzed into his where he told him to have a seat and offered him a glass of water. Jay agreed to it but was very uncomfortable around his former security customer and didn’t drink any. He felt as though he were sitting in the office of an evil elementary school principal. Sakurai asked while studying Jay, “How can I help you?” Jay replied, “I ensure you Mr. Sakurai that this discussion is in the sake of security and that my request is no different than WMT checks of backgrounds of our own members. It’s about the subject of your father, sir. There are rumors of him being admitted here, possibly even now. If this is so I wouldn’t want it to become a conflict of interest you know, endorsing a device for testing on others that you wouldn’t suggest for use on your own loved-one.” It was strange, Jay felt as if the room got cold as the mood he felt when the question was asked. Sakurai’s physical appearance was almost like a dead man’s. Jay was scanning the room with his device and sending data to Ames, Dietrich, and Crouse. The water he had planned to place his device into before leaving had frozen solid. Jay realized it wasn’t nerves the room did actually get colder and unbelievably so. Suddenly, all seemed normal again even the water was no longer ice. Sakurai answered Jay with a smile, “My father died years ago. Yes, he was a patient here. I hope that is all because I think I need time alone now Mr. Walters.” Jay stood up, bowed, and walked out the door he came from. From the time Jay left his seat, to exiting Sakurai’s room, to turning in his badge and getting into the car with Ames, it felt as if he was being yelled at but Sakurai had not left his seat or his smiling demeanor. When Jay entered the car Ames asked him, “Did he always yell at you like that when you worked here?” Jay thought it was all in his head and replied, “You heard that?” Jack said, “Of course, I recorded the whole thing!” Jay was confused at what had just taken place but felt if Ames was able to record the voices, who knows what Jay picked up in his scan of Sakurai’s office laptop. The data in that room had not been networked to the rest of the institute and this was their first crack at it. Whatever the future was to hold between WMT and the institute was going to be interesting from here on. This was supposed to be a final question answered. It seemed like they had only scratched the beginning. Jay, although not shaking was mentally scared because the questions in his head wouldn’t stop, “What the hell just happened in there?”



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I – JACK: Invader Jack

By: James Clinton Walker III.



James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay wakes from his dream believing after so many years of similar visions he has found a possible solution to attempt repelling this threat. After clearing his eyes, showering, and brushing his teeth, Jay is still going over it in his head. Every thought in his mind revolves around how to have the technology available to make your enemy fight themselves and prevent the loss of trying to repel them.

He realizes the biggest problem in preparing this type of device is the approval of such a thing may and probably will have ethical dilemmas voiced by modern society. Even the testing of such a device on any living creature could gain negative press. This type of issue doesn’t bother him because the alternative is unimaginable and he has had to imagine it in his visions on countless nights. Too many lives were lost in each vision. He couldn’t imagine how the planet could survive these encounters in most dreams but somehow he lived through it. His biggest ethical dilemma was that he knew there would be someone willing to use this technology for all the wrong purposes.

Walters was never a non-believer in any type of spiritual faith. His problem was that there were too many on this planet for any one person to be sure of. The constant is that the price of non-belief was always too high. Judgment based off of uncertainty is flawed judgment. Living life with your neck in a noose is no way to live. He has always refused in his heart to be judged, or watch anyone be unfairly judged for partial information or the decisions based from them. No matter what his personal feelings were, he didn’t want to make a decision that would create an adverse effect on the lives of those he was trying to protect. In his heart he wanted to remember that he was not the answer, “he was not a savior!”

With all of this in one corner of his mind, heart, or morality Jay Walters knew there was only one way to hold at bay any enemy while decreasing loss of your own. You have to convert the enemy but ethical means are too slow and in his vision life would no longer exist with slow conversions. No, this was not an option. His device would have to be used to control invaders converting them to your purposes. Jay felt the only option was to go forth with best intentions in mind and hope that life would be in his favor. He only knew in his heart, that was rarely the case.

Jay was an ex-military policeman with a checkered career at best. He was a pro fighter but surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his leg made his career short-lived. He is a writer of language workbooks that have not been extremely successful and a martial arts book that he no longer desired to complete due to personal issues. He hoped to pass the remainder of that project to the dojo he was writing it for. His personal life was even more a mess. He married young but was on his way to divorce after almost twenty years of marriage and fatherhood. He loved his family but learned that he could not help them without first helping himself. He was almost forty and yet was not really successful in anyway. Jay had left the military and spent most of his life in Okinawa Japan alone in heart and mind, doing everything for everyone but himself. He lived most of his life inside his head with his thoughts. Trying to keep optimism and focus after his marriage was to come to an end, Walters decided it was time to return home and pursue his own dreams for once giving it everything he had left. Maybe this is the reason for the solution to his vision being found. Maybe this is just a premonition of more bad luck. In either case, he would go forth with best intentions in mind.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Over a year has passed since the dream. Jay has since left Okinawa and moved to Nashville, Tn. He has been doing several jobs trying to earn money to put into his linguistic studies. His primary motivation is still centered on this vision. Jay works night shift for a security group that contracts him for different locations, usually static sites like buildings and such. In the day he’s a driver’s education instructor. In his spare time, he continues to try to make connections that may lead him towards the team he will need to create the device he has designed. His connections in the U.S. and Japan included military and ex-military members, engineers, medical personnel, and multiple legal advisors. He kept training physically like the fighter he had once been as well as keeping involved in the local gym nearby. His most important past time is still writing. He has been writing two versions of a book focused around his vision. One book is a graphic novel in which he attempts to show what he has seen in his nightmares. The other book that he is closer to completing is a regular novel in which he started to put all his ideas so that they would remain fresh with him.

In all these hobbies, pursuits, and dreams, Jay is wondering if this is becoming an obsession. He is not too worried because he remembers where he has come from and he is no worse off than he was a year ago. What is more worrisome is if the visions were really a premonition of things to come, how much time did he have left? He is a bit scared because both sides of this can become a problem but one is more serious than the other. He reminds himself that so far, if this is only an obsession, he has not done anything that hasn’t been productive. This helps him sleep at night.

When Jay does sleep he hopes there will be no dreams at all. When he was a little boy, many of his dreams would come true. Most of those dreams were of friends who he could sense when they were returning. Jay had dreams of his friends returning until he was in his thirties, none of those dreams had ever been wrong. He took this as just a close bond. Since none of his other dreams ever came to past, Jay never assumed he had psychic ability. He also worried since he had lost connection with so many friends in the past that he was becoming emotionally detached from people in general. He would call his ex-wife and son to check on them once a month and send emails or text the rest of the time. His wife and kid both still lived in Japan so the time zones were such an issue that keeping in touch was never easy from such a distance. He had other important friends who had burdened his mind with concern for their well being. He was once told he had “hero syndrome”, feeling he must save everyone all the time. He knew this was true in his heart. He always wondered if a hero were to turn away from his heart or that burden could they be a hero at all? This is what he felt throughout the process of his divorce. He would always love his wife and son but never felt he would be allowed to help either of them. This has got to be the worse punishment a hero could endure, not being able to save the ones they love. His one constant focus was that he had to move forward, he had to endure.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Among his search for candidates to help him with his solution, Jay has also been looking for survivors. He knew he wasn’t a psychic so he didn’t think he would find Gene, Major Jackson, or Lt. Col. Talbot anywhere. Even if he did, he did not expect they would help him before such an event took place. When this line of thought hit him, he worried that maybe he shouldn’t disclose any of this info at all, he should just wait instead. No! Jay has always believed in being proactive not reactive. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Besides, this device would need to prove useful in the field.

If he were to reach out to anyone like the Gene’s, Jackson’s, or Talbot’s of his dream, he would need a good team to begin with and at least a prototype with medical and engineering crew. Jay was not rich, clearly that is understood by the types of jobs he has and lifestyle he lives. There are two ways to cover these types of expenses. He could get a group of investors involved that could help support the cost to make an initiative like this work. This idea was the last line of thought Jay wanted to take because greedy investors only care about their cut or slice of the action. This is how ideas like this get taken and used for all the wrong purposes or just plain stolen and forgotten.

Another path that could be taken is finding a young group of engineers, doctors, and even security specialist aka ex-military that are ambitious enough to take a chance on such a venture. At the moment Jay would only need a couple of guys for security and they wouldn’t need to be the same or even on a payroll at the present. There is nothing to secure so just some follow along friends would do. He already has legal advisors who only take payment when there is something that brings back a financial gain. They never ask him for payment for the advice they give for regular info. So all he needs now is a doctor and engineer that would be interested in seeing what may come from a venture like this.

Jay always wondered about an enemy such as the likes of what he’d seen in his visions. His concern was particularly with the ghosts. Jay thought, “Throughout time people claim to have seen ghosts or spirits even aliens. Could these encounters be with the ones from the visions? If they were the ghosts, were the aliens possessed or has all form of possession been at the hands of this threat? If they were not the ghosts from the visions they shouldn’t be dealt with aggressively without first committing an act of aggression. All this being said, an enemy like this could spy and manipulate the whole world in the direction of its’ own interest. If it possessed other alien societies”, Jay suspected from his visions, “they could use those victims as a smokescreen for their actual purposes. Votes, hacking, wars, civil unrest, anything that is happening and has already happened could be a form of this interference. How could you know the intentions? How could you tell good from bad? Protocols would have to be in place to only hijack an aggressor and hopefully find more intel from the apprehended. We cannot afford to be unfairly harsh without seeing as much of this as possible. We have to be correct or we risk getting this wrong, which could make us more of a target than the visions suggest.” Jays’ theory remained that the ghost were in manipulation of everything else he’d seen in his visions. Why else would there have been a need for so many different forms of attacks and vessels before the final attack?


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

At the present it was Jays’ opinion that these ghosts were most likely scavengers of worlds that had reached a level of heightened civilization. They could have been pirates of some sort but he suspected a bigger purpose. If these ghosts had been real and had also already been working the scenes throughout time, they had a similar method of operating. It seemed as though they found a group like a farmer finds seeds, and then they harvest them in the same fashion finally reaping the harvest when they are ripe. This exact analogy has been used in a few religious writings.

What Jay wants to know is the ghosts’ purpose for possibly supplanting, harvesting, invading, and quite possibly destroying worlds or at least civilizations? Does it have to do with water? It is the least prevalent resource in most solar systems. Did other worlds have water before they were wiped out? Jay thinks, “I have no doubt they have taken these creatures and possibly most of the vessels from other planets. How long have they been in servitude? How long have these ghosts been at this? Clearly, this has been taking place longer than anyone on this world has recorded.” Jay remembers writings and hieroglyphs from multiple cultures showing ships and spirits taking flight. These stories usually were not depicting visions but actual encounters. This is covering the span of millennia. Even now, there are so many sightings not just of vessels or aliens but of ghosts as well.

Another thought that has crossed Jays’ mind is the transfer of power when affected by these beings. Jay notes to himself, “In the visions, the ghosts are rarely seen or spotted. They have power over large masses of life forms and when they feel that power waning they repossess a horde to drive them onward.” Jay also notes,”When possessing, both in my visions and from what I’ve read, the ghosts possess beast or young seemingly weak willed creatures. Some things are too scared, too naïve, or too stupid to resist. The only exception to this rule is the power hungry, the ones who believe there is something to gain from this. Men in power always want more power.”

Jay looks at the pattern and tries to draw a conclusion so that he can best determine if and when this event is to take place. What he suspects is that the reason we have not been invaded is because there has not been a successful world-wide monarchy. You cannot possess so many minds with so many objections. They would lose crops like weeds interfering with progressive growth. In the past taking out one civilization had been easy because no satellites, no news, no questions. Even now, if these ghosts become desperate, they could rely on fear and complacency of other nations but it’s not an easy way to convert and reap a beneficial harvest. Jay thinks,”I believe the reason for the over aggression in some leaders in the present day is to pressure the U.N. The world is literally split with only a few sides. If the U.S., Russia, or a few nations were to get over aggressive, it could push the world to one mind state. Either making or breaking the U.N. In either case, you can manipulate a United Nation or a world united against a United Nation much easier than a world that is made up of many opposites. Civilization has always been made up of blame more than rationale. This is how you supplant and convert the minds of many.” This is what Jay believes the ghosts desire so they can reap a good harvest.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

It was three in the afternoon and Jay had just finished teaching his driver’s education class. He had an hour to get home, shower, and change into his security uniform and head to the local bank. Usually, Jay worked static guard which was dull and almost pointless in his mind. Jay may not have liked it or thought it was tactically legit duty but he needed the money so he was not protesting. He did like his duties for the day, however. From time to time Jay would be informed by the security firm he worked for when he was to do money escorts with the bank manager. Sara the manager was easy on the eyes but, more importantly, she knew Jay was looking for investors for an idea and was trying to connect him with a few. Jay was all business at work and never rude to Sara but he knew a lot of the investors would be easily attracted to her, which couldn’t hurt his odds of hooking one. In his heart he knew the quality of investor he would get with that type of bait but he was desperate to get his foot in the door. An investor who gets hooked by eye candy will probably be the easiest to lure but also possibly the worst to work with. Once again Jay thought, “Expect the worst, hope for the best!”

Upon completion of the escort and return to work, Jay would be responsible for final close of business with the manager and night staff. The doors closed early around six at night but on escort days the staff was all expected to help the manager confirm the overall vault. Jay was responsible for overall security and understood that most on these days. After final confirmation of all the banks holdings, the systematic lock up of the vault and bank itself was priority. Finally, Jay would see each of the staff off but would stay to walk Sara to her vehicle. He didn’t have to walk her to her car but this gave him a chance to remind her to keep him posted on any developments. Sara would sometimes joke that Jay was never interested in her but only her connections. Jay was always so serious and would tell her each time she said that, “The day I show you more interest than usual could be a bad day for us all.” Sara would joke that maybe Jay didn’t like women much but she knew he was always business first.

The following day was Saturday. Jay looked forward to the weekends more than he did in the military and more than he did while married, at least sometimes. His weekends were his and he would spend them training and writing. For training Jay had a few regiments. Throughout the week, before bed, Jay would do indoor workouts with dumbbells and core being his focus. All of his exercises had to do with the application to combat, this had never changed. Jay could do thousands of reps of weighted punching combinations. Some combinations were standing and kicking and others were off of his back. On the weekends he spent his time in the gym training him and others techniques ranging from boxing and kickboxing to aikido based self-defense he learned as a military policeman. Jay wasn’t arrogant or cocky. He knew he was getting up in age and he used this opportunity to keep an eye on survivors as well as encourage those who needed to be pushed in that direction. He would later go home, eat, shower, and begin writing. Sometimes if he had friends over he would show them sketches from the graphic novel he was working on. He didn’t want to give too much away and this always got the attention of the young fighters who loved this stuff. In his mind Jay felt this was a bit of recruitment, even if only just a bit.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

He knew a few connections could be made at his old post in Ft. Campbell. Most of his former company had already been disbanded but he was sure he could find someone at the battalion headquarters who may be ambitious. There is always someone getting ready to retire, not bad at their job, maybe a little disgruntled. When you need cheap security it’s never hard to pick up what the U.S. Army throws away. Waste, for each branch of service there is a form of it. The Air Force is a waste of money. The Navy is a waste of technical, tactical, and skillful personnel. The Marine Corp is a waste of hardcore troops. The Army is just a waste of manpower. No problem the Army can’t fix without throwing wave after wave of numerous lives at it. Inefficiency was always a pet peeve of Jay’s. So, when he sees the Army throwing away good manpower, he felt why shouldn’t he capitalize?

Many people are medically released. An example of military efficiency is throwing away countless dollars in training on the fact that a soldier has been injured. In a lot of cases these troops do not want to leave service and only need time to recover or light duty. Usually some sap would get hustled into not taking any medical care and “driving on” through the pain until they have to be released for an injury that didn’t have to go that far.

How was Jay expecting to get anything here? What was he looking for exactly? Simple recruitment would suffice for Jay. He would go to different locations passing out flyers to units looking for troops who were in transition. His flyers were always for the gym he worked at. He was in-charge of training rehab cases. Walter’s was a rehab case himself and had firsthand knowledge on what it took both inside and outside to bring back the warrior a fighter needed to win fights. He would give motivational speeches and encouragement along with hard knocks training drills to push people through recovery. On each flyer, under training and rehab, was Walter’s name and contact info. He may have lived in Nashville now but Jay would always return to Clarkesville to search for real soldiers.

Jays’ job at the gym was sometimes voluntary. When he first went there they didn’t have a position for him. He actually talked his way into the gym as both a trainer and a fighter. He told them he wanted to help train injured fighters and wounded veterans. He would advertise for them and due to his experience both as a fighter and a soldier they couldn’t lose. It was free publicity that they may have gained an income from. He literally created his own job. Jay was always full of ideas that no one seemed to think of. This one, however, was motivated by a vision and Jays’ goal was to keep as many survivors involved as it would take to turn back such a nightmare. Getting personnel was the least difficult part of Jays’ plan. He needed to get this device made. He was hoping to solve two problems at once and maybe hook up with an ex-military doctor or even engineer. He still had no idea of how much time was left if anything were to take place at all. “Keep moving forward”, Jay would think every day he hadn’t met his goal.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

While watching television at night Jay remembers these competitions that exist where a bunch of engineers are tasked to compete and see who could build a working model of a specific functionality. Jay was curious if and how he could meet with a team. Did they have events like these in Tennessee? Would he have to go out of state or out of country for a skilled enough team? This may be his most complicated of recruitment tasks, before getting the patent.

Jay was also concerned about the process of getting this invention patented. There were so many reasons a device for hacking a living being would need secrecy. Militaries and mercenaries alike would want to use it for personal gain. Corporations would only think of the dollar value. This device would have to remain a secret and the work of his crew would have to be implemented undercover. None of this can be done under a patent because all your information is registered. These were plenty reasons enough to deter the creation of the device. However, none of these reasons were what plagued Jays’ mind.

There is a serious question that has been on Jays’ mind from the time these visions became regular. He thought, “Who would send the visions and why if they were a premonition of things to come? If the ghosts had telepathic ability they wouldn’t need to possess anyone physically or risk it. They wouldn’t want me to know their plan nor would they allow me to carry out my own. It would take extreme arrogance and shortsightedness to allow for such complacency. These ghosts had to be quite efficient to carry out the efforts that controlled so many different beings, vessels, and dominated worlds so easily.” Jay believed that these visions may be from another race of beings that has been enslaved and have been trying to communicate throughout time. Jay also believed he had too many theories at this point and was tired of feeling like the only one. Why did no one else ever seem to see what he saw, ever? He was tired of being alone, tired of living inside his head. With all the scientists and human beings on this world, with all the seers and psychics, why did Jay have to feel so alone in this vision? What made him special? This is what worried Jay. This is what made him feel crazy. However, he refused to ignore such a vision because if it were real the cost would be too high. It would make sense that negligence be what causes the human race its extinction.

For now Jay is focused on finding a medical professional to help with the spinal connections that would connect similarly to an epidural. Hopefully, Jays’ idea makes sense to the doctors and engineers he is hoping to recruit. The only way this could work is with interns and optimists looking for a break. He’s had a few medical professionals he had contact with but they were quite a distance away. For now the flyers, training, and subtle recruitment methods are all he has to work with. He had thought of one other option that would cover the field testing and not be attributed to warfare. If he could hide this device as a sort of reform restraint for mental patients he could keep it under the radar as a prototype. Now all he had to do was find a doctor, engineers, get the ball rolling, and the prototype made.



James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay only had to do escort duty maybe once or twice a month. He wasn’t always the security guard chosen for bank duty. At times Jay was sent to do static and roving guard duty at other sites. He would work at construction sites for large buildings, race tracks before and after a race, baseball diamonds during season, etc. Now that he knew the specific type of investor he was looking for, Jay was looking to network his way into securing a mental institute. He wouldn’t want to tell Sara this because she would miss him and probably be pissed that he chose this assignment. He did want to see her because they had become friends in their small way. Jay decided after the next time he did escort duty he would talk to his security firm about a permanent assignment at an institution. He knows everyone will think he is crazy himself.

A few weeks later, after pulling what would hopefully be his last escort and secure lock up of the bank facility, Jay walked Sara to her car. He says to Sara, “This may be my last escort because I think I have a lead on an investor.” Sara began to pout. Jay smiled and said, “I was about to ask you for your number to keep in touch. You can also have a few of my flyers. I know you don’t need to work out at the gym I teach at but my information is on there just the same.” Sara smiled and said, “Will you ever ask me out?” Jay got serious as usual. He told Sara, “You are a manager at the bank I am responsible for securing, this cannot happen until I no longer work here. If anything were to happen before or even after I stopped working at this site, we would be the first ones under investigation. Why do you think it’s worth slumming with me in the first place? You are a long term manager at a successful bank and I am still me, I don’t even see the attraction. If this is just physical we would complicate things just for sex? Is it worth that to you?” Sara looked at Jay with a confused frown and said, “You really thought this through didn’t you Jay.” Jay asked Sara, “Are you upset?” She smiled and said, “No.” Jay said, “Stay in touch, if things change or I’m successful, I may come looking for a banker! Call me, ok!”

Three months later, Jay was given the permanent duty of static guard at different posts on a fairly large and secluded institute for mental patients. He got the assignment that he wanted and hadn’t heard from Sara since they met last. Jays’ job at this site was to monitor CCTV monitoring systems, confirm entrance and exit of authorized personnel and family members, and VIP visitations. He knew he would hate this job if it didn’t lead him to the right connections. For the time being he would try to be content just completing his job without error and going home after to a much deserved rest. He worked at this site from four to midnight and permanently replaced the night shift of guards who hated this location. Everyone at work thought he was crazy or in need of the hours because the bank job was a shorter shift but with much lovelier scenery. Jays’ shift was nearly over and he was looking forward to the weekend and trying to train future recruits. His books are coming along and keeping his mind focused on what may yet be to come.



James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Jay went home to find messages from some new blood that wanted to try his motivational training and recovery class. A few of the new recruits left information about their military service. Two that caught his interest was the ex Special Forces medic and the O.R. specialist. If Jay was lucky he could recruit both of them. He was planning to be lucky.

The following day he had gained ten new customers, among which was a familiar face. Sara showed up after over three months of silence. Jay went over his normal introduction to the class for new additions and sent the regulars to work. Jay would share his bio in more detail than was on his flyer and would tell everyone there, “I know many of you are ex-military and the rest of you may not be but from this point on we are victims no longer. We are survivors and we will be warriors again. Every day we wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror, and continue to battle our own doubts. In this room we’re going to beat those doubts and prove that until our last breath no battle will be taken from us, it will have to be earned…got it!”

Every time Jay gave that speech he would feel pride and find himself near tears. He will never forget where he has been and where he has come from. Jays’ military and marital issues were hard to forget but Jays’ battle with cancer was hard because he wasn’t sure he wanted to survive it. A year of sucking down toxins from chemotherapy and radiation treatment, he would start his treatment still training with weights. The boxing club he used to train with had planned to give him his test to become a professional boxer before he was diagnosed. Walters refused to get out of shape because if there were any chance of him returning to the ring he would be ready. He first had vomiting fits, then fevers, dehydration, hair loss, weight loss, inability to keep foods down, and inability to use the restroom. One treatment gave him extreme muscle loss in the infected leg and he kept stumbling when he made any sudden movements. The final treatment gave him hiccoughs that would leave him without oxygen for nearly a minute before he would burst into vomiting leaving both his eyes bloodshot and vessels damaged. Walters would picture this battle for his life every time he gave his speech and he realized the hardest part was wanting to live, wanting to fight. In his heart from childhood, he didn’t like to be bullied or watch anyone else be bullied. He would back down to nothing and let nothing go without a fight. He was not about to allow any of these warriors to do the same.

He sent each person to a station and allowed them to learn from other students that he had trained. Jay would go from station to station asking each customer about themselves and how they found his information or advertisement. This crew of recruits all had one source in common, Sara. He smiled when he found that out and walked over to the station that he designated for breaks. He waited for Sara to get there so he could talk to her. He said, “So, it seems you have been busy and I have you to thank for this turn out today. Why?” She smiled and replied,”I was curious of what you were up to and wanted to see how you stayed in shape.” Jay asked, “We went silent for so long, had you been thinking of me the whole time?” Sara answered, “Well, I gave you my number and you never called me so I had to do something to have an excuse to check on you.” Jay apologized.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

He hadn’t meant to forget about her. He explained he never really did forget but just honestly felt he should complete his goals before pursuing anything or anyone else. Sara said she understood that and remembered what he said when they last met. Sara said, “I hadn’t known all this about you and thought you took on helping wounded vets because you were just a nice guy.” Jay replied, “Not a nice guy, for certain.” Sara smiled and continued, “I couldn’t even tell you were wounded at all.” Jay replies, “I have a horrible gaping gash in my thigh, which I lost an eighth of to remove a softball size tumor and the outlying muscle from my leg. Doctors believed I would never walk without a cane but I had an interview in months of leaving the hospital that would require me to take a fourteen hour plane flight. My leg was stuck straight and I needed it to bend so, I would use a blanket I had and roll it up between my knees and would torque my leg thirty degrees, forty degrees, ninety degrees, until I could sit normal. I made the flight and the interview and a year later I could run and then I was back fighting the following year as a professional kick boxer and MMA fighter. Now you know everything.” Jay scoffed at the situation thinking to himself that his next fight will have so much more at stake.

Jay knew that he was not a savior. He reminded himself that with every exercise and repetition he ever did. He also knew that if the world was to have a chance it would take many persistent survivors and he has some of the best candidates now, thanks to Sara. The biggest prize he feels is Sara herself. He never thought they would meet again like this. She took initiative Jay did not expect to not only get closer to Jay but to help him succeed. He now wanted to make her strong enough to survive what was to come but he didn’t want to get too close. This time, however, he would have no excuse for avoiding her. He thought to himself, “If she stays, the only way I can allow myself to be with her while training is hardcore. I don’t have to be abusive but I can’t be too light in the ass either. She will have to prove herself like every other fighter here and she will have to love it.”

Jay noticed the Special Forces recruit looking at him with an expression that seemed like disapproval. Jay looked around himself to make sure he wasn’t missing something and not seeing someone else who the recruit could have been looking at. Jay pointed at himself and lowly voiced, “Me?” The recruit nodded at Jay and Jay waved him over as Sara went to the next station. “What’s up?”, Jay said with a very dry interrogative look. The recruit asked, “Why are you going easy on us, especially the female that invited me?” Jay kept quiet wanting to hear everything he had to say. The troop just sat there when he realized Jay didn’t reply back and still had the dry look on his face. Jay said, “How many missions have you fought that didn’t need Intel?” The troop looked at Jay funny. Jay continued, “There are several of you here. I could push you all into the ground doing drills that may not benefit you and you would never recover. Everyone of you are made up differently just the same as everyone of you have different injuries and reasons for your exiting the service. It is not possible for me to help you in combat without first gathering some Intel, do you understand?” The ex-Special Forces troop smirked and walked away shaking his head. Jay said to him with a smirk as he walked, “If you’d like to join the gym and try the other instructors, I’m positive we can accommodate you.”


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

At the end of training he had what the military calls an After Action Review. He wanted to see what went well, what went wrong, and what could be done better in the future. Jay likes this time most and he didn’t allow too many people to complain without suggesting a fix. He made everyone state a like or dislike and didn’t allow repetition. He also took this time to inform customers of upcoming events and registered fighters who either could apply for the “Wounded Warriors” plan or were capable of joining as a regular member. In either case they could train with Jay but regular fighters had an extended packet and could participate in more gym functions. After Jay completed his AAR, he asked that three fighters remained.

Two of the fighters were the medical personnel he had his eye on from the beginning, the Special Forces medic and the O.R. doctor. The third was Sara. He asked for all their names and info and form of registration to the gym. This was just a formality to keep from seeming like he knew Sara anymore than anyone else or at least to keep from seeming like he favored her more. The S.F. medics’ name was Jack Ames and the O.R. doctor was Bill Williams. Sara gave her full name not to seem any different from the others, “Sara O’Neill.” He said to the three of them, “You have all registered as regular members but I hope you will help with our wounded vets training. Two of you have injuries and could use some recovery and rehab as well as show the others how to power through pain and immobility. Sara, I’d like you to be my liaison to the rest of the crew, especially these two. In other words you all stand out to me as leaders, either for your prior experience or in Sara’s case from being able to recruit so many people in one shot. Just like the military, recruitment is a necessity. Dismissed!”

Walters felt his foot was in the door with everyone from today. The top three were a prize, however, and Jay wanted to take his time with them. After he dismissed them he quickly showed his appreciation to Sara and then ran off after Jack and Bill. Jay asked them both “Do either of you know any engineers by chance, either from your current careers or from the military?” They both replied with an affirmative answer and passed Jay the information to their friends. Bill however, worked alongside his buddies as it was a sideline venture for him and his friends. It only worked out as a hobby for him because he was not as much an engineer as the two he had in mind. These were exactly the types Jay had hoped for but he also wanted to look into Jacks’ friend because it couldn’t hurt to have an extra body or point of view on a project. Jay had hope and his project seemed to be within his grasp. He knew he had to remain patient and not force any dots to connect but instead sit back and allow nature to run its course with maybe just a little direction. He felt this way about his relationship with Sara as well. She was still in his head because she made all this happen in just one shot. He felt he owed her but didn’t want to go crazy on those lines because it had backfired in his past. Jay didn’t want any other regrets in his life. No more looking back only forward and hope for the best.



James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

The following day was Sunday and Jay had some contacts to attempt to make. He called both Sara and Bill and asked that if he made contact with Bills’ friends that they would join him for the meeting. Bill didn’t have a problem with meeting up, because after all these were his friends and colleagues. This was an opportunity for him to prove useful to their small business. Bill was a doctor after all, not an engineer but the guys he worked with were friends from his childhood in Germany who also work at his current job as MRI contractor technicians. Sara on the other hand didn’t know why Jay wanted her there. This didn’t have anything to do with rehab or training and this wasn’t recruiting for the gym. She was actually starting to wonder if Jay was really just using her. He never called after asking for her number and now he asks her to join him on a recruitment that wasn’t for the gym. She thought, “He wants me to be eye candy, nothing else!” She tells him she will come but her plan is to see his purpose. She will cut all ties with him if this turns out to be how it seems.

Jay tells them all to meet at the town square and from there they will join him at his place. He knows none of them have been there before so getting them to follow him will be the easiest. Upon arrival to the town square Jay meets Sara and Bill first because he gave them a different time than the engineers that are on their way. He grabs Sara’s hand nervously and in plain sight of Bill. Jay has never touched Sara even when she wanted it. This was also strange because Jay was never nervous or showing any emotion in a professional environment. He pulled Sara aside to explain to her the situation. He says, “First Sara I want to let you know why you’re here. The last time we worked together I said, Stay in touch, if things change or I’m successful, I may come looking for a banker! Call me, ok! You didn’t call me, you showed up and I think I am inches away from being successful but I want more than a banker, do you understand me? I’m not successful yet but this is happening and I want you to see what you helped make possible. If this works out I want you with me as a partner, friend, and more. Is that ok?” She was speechless. She didn’t even know what was going on and things had just jumped from zero to sixty in moments and she still felt clueless. She simply replied, “Okay?!”

They walked back over to Bill and his friends had arrived at this point. Jay introduced himself and Sara to Bill's friends saying, “I’m Jay Walters and I have a challenging business venture I hope you will be interested in undertaking with me. This is my friend and banker hopefully soon to be business partner, Sara. The matter I am about to discuss with you is of the utmost secrecy so I will ask you all to follow me to my home where we can discuss this more openly, gentlemen. Oh, and please introduce yourselves since I am not sure which of you matches which contact information I received.” The first to respond was a tall long haired man, “I’m Heinz Dietrich and this is Sebastian Crouse.” Dietrich and Crouse had been taking apart and figuring out things since Bill knew them as children and probably longer than that. Neither had ever gone to a college, university, or technical institute because they were both conspiracy theorists who preferred to stay off the grid. The MRI contracting jobs they had did not require any of that and was all hands on training.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Upon reaching Jays’ home they all introduced themselves more formally, relaxed, and shared small tidbits about themselves. Dietrich and Crouse had not only had engineering experience but they had about any other qualification Jay may have wanted without a paper trail. Since they were so honest with him he decided to be a bit more forthcoming. He let them check out his graphic novel and read into the premise as well as discuss ideas for such a future. His graphic novel has not gotten as far as his main story so they have only gotten to the beginning of the briefing with Lt. Col Talbot. This was perfect, now Jay would be able to brief them himself in reality.

Jay stood up, walked to Sara, grabbed her hand, and was shaking a bit as he held it. No one else knew it but him and her. Jay looked her in the eyes and began to brief everyone. He told them everything because in order for this to work the people in this room had to agree on the course they were heading on together. Jay was not shaking because he feared the future but because he feared the present. Right now, in this room, so much was riding on everyone being in agreement and if that wasn’t the case and Jay even lost one of them it would most likely fall apart. Jay felt confident that Dietrich and Crouse would be sold on this because, after hearing their stories he knew they were as nuts as this vision seemed. He also was confident that by hooking Dietrich and Crouse, Williams would most likely follow along. What he feared is that Sara would get up and walk right out of the room believing he was a crazy loser and the others would leave because he introduced her as his would be partner. If she left, then Bill might and the other two would fall like dominos. Jay was still shaking afraid to look at Sara at this point, afraid to see her reaction. She gripped his hand firmly and yanked it. He thought, “She’s gone, I lost her so quickly it was too much too soon!” Instead she wanted him to look at her again. She was smiling and her eyes sparkled almost in tears but neither of them wanted the others to fully see the emotions going on between the two of them. She just rubbed his hand and mouthed the words, “I’m with you!” All this was done so quickly that no one else saw or felt the intensity between the two but it was like the world had cracked in half and they were melding it back together.

This venture was starting to look like it was actually going to happen. They all hung out a while longer. Jay and Bill sprung for pizza and Bill thanked Jay for offering this opportunity to him and his friends. Jay just smirked because Bill did not know how much this meant to him. They all discussed in deeper detail of what they were looking at doing and how much a prototype would cost. Jay also informed them of the customer they are pushing this to and his theory for how to make this work so the controlled subject would not look like an automaton. He discussed his idea with Sara and how her current job may be able to help with her future position. He explained that since there is no firm thus far, only an idea, there is no conflict of interest. He just suggested that they look for a replacement for any of their positions if they were important roles. Those of them who had ordinary jobs could continue working as needed to cover their own expenses.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

After they all finished their discussion over pizza, Williams, Dietrich, and Crouse all left. Jay wanted to discuss things further with Sara but they both had other things in mind. This time Sara voiced an objection first. She said, “Jay if we do what it feels like we are about to do, it could still look bad for me as a bank manager.” He agreed saying, “That is true but it won’t matter because you are soon to be my partner in our own firm so we are already passed the ethical marker on this one.” He smiled, they kissed, and Sara stayed the night saying, “I guess I’ll report to work late, tomorrow.”

The next morning Sara realized Jay left for work early and she didn’t even hear him leave or his alarm go off. His alarm was set for five in the morning but Jay didn’t have to start work until seven. Sara thought to herself, “How early does he go to work? Wait a second how am I supposed to lock his door without the…” She was looking around and before she finished her thought she saw Jay had left her a spare key with a ribbon and little note that said, “Thanks” on the cover and inside it said “Stay!” She smiled and shook her head thinking, “Who is this guy, really?”

Jay was at his day job teaching driver’s education to a new bunch of misfits. Jay had done this job for a few years now. It was his last job in Okinawa and he jumped right back into it when he got to Tennessee because it was easy to walk into making about the same hourly pay but much more hours than he had before. He didn’t like to complain about work but in Okinawa his job was better because he taught military service men and women who were responsible, for the most part, for their own actions. This class had him teaching all age groups and status and nothing is ever a civilian customer’s fault no matter how old. Jay just needed to save money, create a working product and get an investor and his firm would be in full affect. He also had an idea of how to patent the product and keep it out of harm’s way with a couple of hardcore rebel engineer hackers by the name of Dietrich and Crouse. They had some interesting ideas while talking over pizza and soda the other night.

After class Jay would get cleaned up and head to do his night shift guard duties at the mental institute. He never looked forward to being at that place so much in his life but he had talked to his boss at the site and briefly went over a medical phenomenon that a doctor friend of his new about. He told his boss it was a prototype and they were looking for a customer that would like to invest in its applicable study. Tonight he would let him know that the connections have been made and that his doctor friend is ready to move forward if the institute was ready to invest. Dietrich, Crouse, and Williams all were certain that they could come up with functional model by the following Sunday. There was an issue weighing on Jays’ mind. Jay felt that the medical apparatus had to work perfectly in sync with the engineered mechanism. If the two were not in sync the device could have dangerous effects. He would leave it to the team and call to see how they were progressing. He still had Jacks’ friend to call in if there were an emergency. He gave the contact information to Bill, in case there were any problems on their end.


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

His boss at the institute was a man by the name of Tatsumaki Sakurai. Walters’ couldn’t tell if Sakurai actually liked him. The first meeting he had was when he switched over and was explained of his duties, leadership, and the way around the facility. Walters wasn’t sure if his new boss liked him because out of mindless instinct after hearing his bosses name he said, “Tornado?” His boss looked at him and said, “What?” Jay asked, “Is your first name tornado?” His boss replied, “Yes, how did you know?” Jay and the boss began talking over both of their lives for the past few years and what brought them there. This is how Sakurai found out Jay had a decent understanding of the Japanese language both spoken and written. Sakurai, however, was born and raised in the U.S. and had very little contact with his relatives in Japan. Jay tried not to talk about the subject at all because he wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad point. Jay did explain his reason for requesting the site and he did so without hiding too much. He told the man, “I don’t want to work a million different jobs just to make a living for the rest of my life. I have many studies and I have a friend who is trying to find an investor for the newest medical innovation that could be beneficial to all involved including yourself Mr. Sakurai.” Jay was always about business and getting things done by going right to the point.

Today was the day when he got to find out how much his boss really liked him or not. Whether he just pretended to listen and have a relationship or if he was honestly going through with finding an investor, Jay wasn’t sure but he had hoped. He was just as afraid of succeeding with this guy as not succeeding because he couldn’t read his angle. Jay was usually a decent judge of character. He would say, “Listen to anyone, just let them talk, sooner or later the truth will come out.” These were simple words but they always proved true for Jay. He tried to be patient and allow people the opportunity to prove their character. He only hoped Mr. Sakurai would do the same. Jay went to the main office before his shift and asked if he could speak with Mr. Sakurai. He said, “Tell him it’s business related and that the test equipment was in.”

Mr. Sakurai buzzed Jay in and told him to have a seat. It was the first time Jay had ever been in Sakurai’s office. In the past all their meetings had been while passing in corridors or at the main desk. Jay actually thought that may have been the way this meeting would have taken place. Sakurai had other plans. Jay looked around the man’s’ office trying to take in as much as he could. Maybe there was something in there to gauge his intentions by, to see what type of man he actually was. Sakurai liked hunting from the photos and taxidermy around the room. He had taken some form of martial arts but Jay couldn’t see the kanji characters written on Sakurai’s martial arts uniform. Sakurai also had a picture of him with a lot of other doctors, himself being in the medical field from the study of the mentally ill. Sakurai had just gotten off the phone when Jay had finished giving the room the once over with his eyes and mind. He told Jay, “I am not a man who wants to do many jobs for the rest of my life either. I would like to do one thing that brings me great success. If your friends are able to help us all, I will listen. I have just finished talking to my comrades and they agree to listen as well. How soon will you be ready?” Jay replied, “This Sunday is the plan and I will let you know if there is any changes. I know you are a busy man, sir. You will not regret this.” The two shook hands and Jay began his shift.


Summary and Prologue for (NEW book) I-Jack*

Posted on April 28, 2018 at 10:25 PM


By: J.Walker3

It is the present and a young writer wakes up from a dream for which he thinks he has a solution. The

dream was apocalyptic invasion or the final war to end all wars for mankind on Earth. He believes if he

could get the backing of a few key players of multiple walks of life, status, and skill, he may be able to

prevent impending doom.

The writer looks to connections he had in his military days to start with. Believing his solution can

neither be trusted in military hands alone nor will it be accepted, the writer decides the solution must

come from the private sector. He goes about to join these key figures in society to form a multi-pronged

company tasked with, legally in-acting his preemptive plan. In order for his plan to succeed, no country,

government, or military can be allowed to fully understand its application. To keep this information

even more a secret, there must be limited information found in any source.

With a mind set to prevent or at least undermine the end of the world from certain threats, this writer

will take you along for what could be the most complex ride of your life. How far would you go if you

had an idea to prevent an attack on your land? What internal ideals or morals would you set aside to

save your world?


“The Dream”

It is recurring dream or nightmare about the mass destruction of mankind and their planet. Jay

Walters listens to the news reports, “A force in giant ships with amazing power capable of creating

quakes and weather change, carrying unknown life-forms that can take over the dead and living alike. It

is unknown whether this force is all mechanical or organic because of recent reports of ghostly creatures

spotted that seem to lead or commandeer hordes at will.”

Jay finds himself in an all too familiar circumstance trying to make sense of chaotic surroundings.

The reports continue, “The military has alerted civilians about the pending crisis which has devastated

areas in the past.” In this dream Jay is a civilian but one of many who are no longer able to set by and

not be part of the solution. “Troops are deployed in cities. Local leaders are expected to aid in

organizing and mobilizing civilian personnel who are capable of helping during the foreseen crisis.” Jay

is not certain of why he is among those who are chosen to assist but he knows the damage that is to

come and desires to save as many from this destruction as possible. The only thought in his mind

repeats, “Overcome and commandeer the aliens resources! This is the only way to turn the tide of a

nearly lost battle for life as we know it.”

Continued news reports, “Troops, tanks, and artillery are all moving in open view of average

communities. People are panicked but trying to stay in order with the hope of surviving this attack.

Helicopters are patrolling routes both for rescue missions as well as attack protocols to protect the

civilian populous. Multiple areas have been designated as refugee zones for relocation initiatives. Some

evacuations are already taking place to limit the amount of panic and turmoil caused from relief in a

combat zone.”

Jay has every intention on winning this outcome and seeing whatever force is responsible.

Random destruction of innocents does not rate high in his book and he will see it stopped if he can. He

is amongst a few in his area who are being briefed on assisting with efforts in the area. After the

briefings completion, he begins to walk away from the community council meeting in the direction of a

bridge between buildings that connect a mall to local transportation.

Out of nowhere there is a reverberation. The walls begin to tremble and the ground begins to

quake. “It is beginning”, everyone knows! The urgency is thick with panic and scrambling of people all

trying to get where they can to respond to whatever is coming. The quake begins to damage the

ground below and Jay finds himself running for his life trying to figure out what path is safest. He is

running out of ground and is stuck heading towards the bridge. It splits apart with him falling reaching

for guard rails to grab hold to. The helicopters begin to move in the direction of the quake to face the

source, which is still unrecognizable. While the quake stops, Jay pulls himself up and can feel and hear

the action is underway.


James C. Walker III./ I – Jack: Invader Jack

“What’s the commotion”, Jay thought as he notices a wave of terrified citizens running in all

directions. Shortly there-after, he sees the answer to his question. The creatures are unknown to him

but seem to be contagious and extremely powerful. The helicopters are engaging an insurmountable

force of creatures that could take flight. Some of the creatures were organic and the others could have

been the ghost reported on the news earlier. The largest of the entities looked as if it were both organic

and mechanical. This appeared to be the vessel from which all the other beings were being transported.

Jay truly felt sorrow and admiration for the pilots attempting to fend off this attack because they had no

clue to what they were facing. In each attack of the past areas affected, the largest creatures or

machine had been different. Sometimes the attacks had just been from unexplained natural disasters.

This was the first that had a simultaneous attack from all past described sources. It also appeared to be

the largest to date.

Jay began to think this must be an invasion or actual act of war. Since the past attacks had failed,

this one is taking a much more intense approach. “This is clearly a hostile area and I will need to arm

myself and get to safety fast”, he continues to think internally. As he runs looking at the ground for

anything he can use in defense, he can’t help but think he’s seen a million of these scenarios in movies.

The outcome of each movie is never good, at least for the vast majority.

“Vehicles, weapons, food, water, all must be in lasting supply. I must watch the pattern of the

swarm if I am to avoid being a casualty. I have to find the strongest survivors, hole up, and think of a

way to implement their tactics on a wide scale in order to turn this into a favorable outcome”. He runs,

trying to keep low and out of sight so he can observe the carnage and think of a way to turn the tide. In

his mind, Jay thinks, “If I can’t save this area, I have to learn something useful to report to whatever

successful entity remains. There has to be a way to turn this around.”

He spots a group of fighters who are falling back to a large vehicle rescuing who they can on the

way. “Maybe they’re hunters or military veterans of some sort, I have to reach out to them”, he thinks.

They are using a leap frog pattern, covering each other and the wounded to get everyone to safety.

“They are not a uniformed group but they’re not doing badly, they’ll have to do”, he tells himself. He

picks up an entrenching tool, jumps into the fray and plunges it under the chin of one of the strange

beast that was too busy attacking its next victim to notice Jay coming. The beast hadn’t died it only

paused when Jay swung the e-tool deep into its skull. The beast still only paused. Jay franticly aimed

back at the gash he created with the first gouge, lopping the beast head off and ending that fight. One

of the fighting survivors grabbed him to pull him out of harm’s way because the e-tool would not be

enough to fend off the wave. They all needed to retreat and fast.

Everyone who could get into the vehicle did. Some who were desperate to survive jumped on

the hood and held on as best they could. Jay watched from the window as the ghosts moved in on the

beast. He noticed that they would enter the bodies of the ones who weren’t dismembered as if

possessing them and leading the horde onward. “What can I do with this Intel”, he thought.


James C. Walker III./ I – Jack: Invader Jack

The vehicle drives on continuing to a designated location for relief, support, and hopefully evac.

Most passengers are stressed beyond understanding. Not only have they narrowly escaped an attack but

some of those they killed were former allies just moments before. Jay is trying to remember every detail of

what he just encountered so he can report. He is going to want to talk with the key elements that just

orchestrated the escape of all the survivors just now. He has a feeling they will want to hear his thoughts on

how to turn back the existing enemy. He has a plan but it cannot be pulled off without quality fighters the

likes of which he just witnessed.

Jay walked up to one of the lead members of the fighters he just escaped with. The survivor was an

ex-military man who had been designated for the same briefing Jay was in at the town hall earlier. He didn’t

recognize this man but he could definitely recognize his skills. The fighter was talking to a current military

leader as Jay approached them both. The active leaders name was Major Jackson. Jay interrupts the

conversation to talk to the fighter who just saved him and so many others. “Sir, I don’t know your name but

I’m sure the Major here would like to assess some intelligence I have that you seem capable of helping me

with.” The man looked displeased by the interruption but was willing to hear the Intel spoken of. He says,

“I’m Gene, and if the Major will listen, spill it!” Jay continues, “Major we need to get this man, his friends,

and I to a safer zone so I can brief higher command. I think I have an idea on how I can attack the enemy and

limit casualties all at once. These men, Gene and the other survivors are skilled and I have some combat

experience myself. I would like us to run a mission that won’t risk the lives of your troops but, if successful,

will turn this battle into our own offensive. Major please, time is critical, let me talk to forward command so

we can get approved and started!”

Major Jackson didn’t like the idea of trusting civilians with battle. Whatever the Major’s issue, this

was not something he could ignore or pass on if it would save the lives of troops and civilians and push back

the enemy, it needed to be heard. Gene wasn’t too sure about this either. He didn’t know Jay like others

from the community that he had hunted and had beers with, in the past. He did see Jay handle himself with

only a shovel to decapitate a beast without thought of his own safety. Gene wasn’t sure of Jay’s tactical

ability but he knew he was brave, bold, or just plain crazy. The Major responds, “Whatever you need to say,

let’s get you to higher so you can say it. Gather your people and follow me!”

Zone 338, a military tent city based around a factory in a less populated part of town about 58 miles

away from the relief site. Major Jackson had Jay, Gene, and the other survivors transported by helicopter to

this hidden command base. Once inside, they are all disarmed and escorted to the base commander, Lt.Col

Talbot. They meet Talbot in a briefing room with a handful of other specialists and troops Jay requested are

present when talking with the Major earlier. Talbot had seen footage of the ghost and heard some stories of

encounters as well. He had all the troops in the briefing room aim their weapons at Jay, Gene, and crew from

the time they entered and were seated. This made Gene and his friends very angry and he told Jay, “This

plan of yours better be good, I didn’t just save you to get shot by my own people!”


James C. Walker III. / I – Jack: Invader Jack

Talbot speaks, “Excuse your lukewarm reception, gentlemen but I have to take measures to

make sure you aren’t ghost possessed spies. If you have gathered us all here to take us out at once, you

will not be able to do so without a fight.” Talbot continues, “Now, Jay Walters is it?” “Yes sir!” Jay

replied. Talbot says, “If your intentions are as you say, brief us so we can get the show on the road.” Jay

walks up to the front of the briefing room to a mobile whiteboard and begins to explain what he’s

gathered and the idea for his solution.

“Everyone, we have all seen several types of these creatures, ships, and entities over the past

few attacks. The two most dangerous I have noticed are the contagious beast and the ghost that seem

to guide them. My plan could possibly give us an edge against both.” Jay explains, “Before all of this, I

had a surgery to my legs in which the doctors had to give me an epidural to make that portion of my

body completely disabled. If we could capture a few beasts and implant a device that both disables

there motor skills and puts them under our control, like remote soldiers, we could use them to fight on

the front. I observed the ghost taking them over to push them into battle against us and I have an idea

of how that is possible and how we can stop it. On our implant of the creature we can add a device that

electrically stuns the creatures mind. This should kick out the ghost link to the beast, maybe even

stunning the ghost itself, since their minds are presumably linked at this point.”

Jay continues to explain his reason for requesting the doctors, engineers, and troops in the

briefing room because he will need their expertise to pull this plan off. He tells Talbot that he’s not

asking to put troops into any danger for some experiment that may not even work. He’s volunteering

himself to the task if he can get aid from Gene and his local companions. His only request is that he gets

aid in creating the device and that his team is able to take lead on these missions until other troops can

be trained on the protocols to make this operation work. He says, “The overall goal is to hijack your

invaders making them your own opposition force. If this plan works, we could get behind enemy lines

unnoticed and run missions of our own. We could also find out about these ghosts who seem to be the

driving force in the invasion. Right now, we stand to lose this whole war in short work without proper

intel or resources, let’s take the fight to them!”

At this point everyone all seemed to be in agreement this may well be the only chance they

have on getting any sort of foothold on an enemy no one knows anything about. What Jay didn’t tell

everyone in the brief is he suspects the technology or at least the beasts were all stolen from other

societies by the ghost. His underlying belief is that in order to have any chance the ghosts have to lose

their control of these entities and hopefully it can be turned against them. If by chance they can actually

capture the ghost, they may find out the purpose of the attacks in the first place and maybe come to

terms. No matter what, they cannot be allowed to advance any further.


June 27th Round 1 Club Event*

Posted on June 13, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Members and Family,

On June 27th we will be hosting another event at the Round 1 Bowling center (SPO-CHA) Activity room on the 6th floor.  I would like to apologize to anyone who cannot make this event date due to scheduling.  The date is set for the 27th so that members who were not able to make it last year could attend this year.  The activity room has many different things to do for your child and you alike.  The event will start at 3pm until 6pm.  Please keep track of your children and fill free to come and go on your time.  The SPO-CHA details are liste be low;

Thank You All,

Please use contact info page for questions.

Updated (NEW) Work Schedule

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 2:30 AM


Our club hours have now extended on Mondays and Fridays.  All days are now 9am - 9pm (for whichever 1-2 hour session you may like).  Please, make all request in advance to reserve the time of your choosing.   In all cases, priority is given to members with the highest Plan value and classes are on a first come first served basis.



Posted on February 3, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Policy/ ポリシー [方針];


1.) All classes are offered where there is space and time available.



2.) Unless temporarily due to the shortage of customers, No 1-on-1 classes at headquarters.

[緊急の場合は除きます] 1対1のクラスはありません。




[Adult] Rules/ [大人] ルール;


1.) Pay promptly. (Do not forget to pay for services provided).

授業ごとに支払いは貰います。 [支払うことを忘れないでください]。


2.) Request or cancel reservations. (To get or cancel an appointment, give enough notice).




[Child/ Adult] Members/ [子供/ 大人] メンバー;


1.) ...Will be safe and do not damage property. (Do not act in a way that will damage people or property).

財産を損傷しない。 [仲間や仲間の財産を損傷するような行動をしない]。


2.) ...Will be kind and polite to others. (No fighting or rude and obscene behavior).

親切に丁寧に教えます。 [喧嘩をしたり無礼、わいせつな行動はしません。]


3.) ...Will keep their hands to themselves. (Do not touch people or their property without their consent).

自分の物は自分で維持します。 [他の人の同意なしに他人の物に触れないでください]。



Penalties/ ペナルティー[罰則];


1.) Corrective Actions. (Discussion with member or parent to resolve negative issue).

問題解決に取り組みます。 [何かあれぼメンバーまたは親との話し合いにて、問題を解決します]。


2.) Suspensions or Revocations of Membership. (for uncorrected actions of bad behavior).

メンバーシップの失効。 [悪い行動の訂正されていない方は授業を断る場合があります。]


3.) Fines. (for injuries, damages, late payments, and late cancellations).

罰金。 [怪我、損害賠償、支払い遅延、および急なキャンセルの場合発生します。]

VGAGT Valentine's Day Special

Posted on January 25, 2015 at 7:00 PM




MEMBERS and All,

This week, until the end of February, The VGAGT Club will be having a 50% off sale on specials. From January 26th to February 28th, the Valentine's Day Special price for an adult one day Island Tour is only $30 per person and children's price is also down to $15 per child. We are also having a special in our On-line Study Sessions, which is now only $10 for the session.

VGAGT Incentive Programs

Posted on January 9, 2015 at 5:45 AM

Last year, we did not have many people try to benefit from our incentive programs.  For example, did you know the VGAGT Club gave only eight cash back incentives last year ($5 or 500 yen for each new Plan A member referred by an existing member) and we never reached our limit of new members availability.   We also had one person win a free Women's hand bag with Logo for being the first person to make a reservation on-line.

This year I want to make our incentives more transparent.  As an existing member if your referral leads to a new member (In Any Plan) you will now receive $10 or 1000 yen cash back per new member.  We had a good 2014 but we would like to fill our time slots in 2015, so the more the merrier:)!!!  We are also doing give aways for our Clubs 1st, 10ths, and 100ths.  This means, if you are the 1st, 10th, or 100th person to join a paid membership or any paid service, you can win a prize up to a $40 value.  This prize value can be used on one gift or gifts up to the $40 limit, not to exclude items that may be marked down, on sale, or limited time offers.

Finally, there will be half-price deals on tours and on-line study sessions on certain holidays.  This may be important to members planning something for that special someone on Valentine's Day, perhaps!  We will let you know of any updates or changes in these incentive programs where they exist and if they occur.  Thank You!   

Currently Available Lesson Plans

Posted on May 18, 2014 at 11:45 PM


Classes currently consist of "VGAGT" (Workbook studies in English & Japanese).

Plan A.) Basic Tutorial Study Session

Students’ book fee= 3700円/ $36.08

Lesson Fee= (1 month Free Trial) regular fee: 1000円/ $10.00 per hour

Plan A.) 基本学習用( チュートリアルセッション




レッスン代 ( 1時間につき1,000円


We are also doing tutoring classes for reading comprehension (for students who desire the next step in language proficiency).

Plan B.) Advance Tutorial Study Session

No materials fee (Reading material supplied in class)*

Lesson Fee= 1000円/ $10.00 per hour

Plan B.) 上級基本学習用( チュートリアルセッション




レッスン代 ( 1時間につき1,000円


Our two newest offers are;

Plan C.) 1-to-1 Tutorial Study Session

No materials fee (Reading material supplied in class) or Students’ book fee= 3700円/ $36.08

(You can combine study plans and we will come to you)*

Lesson Fee= (1- 2 hours 3,500円/ $35 once a week; 5,500円/ $55 twice a week; 7,500円/ $75 three times a week; 9,500円/ $95 four times a week; 10,000円/ $100 five times a week.

Plan C.) 1対1( チュートリアルセッション




レッスン代 ( 1- 2時間につき3,500円/週1回, 5,500円/ 週2回,


7,500円/週に3回, 9,500円/週4回, 10,000円/週5回



Plan D.) Personal Study Group Tutorial Session

No materials fee (Reading material supplied in class) or Students’ book fee= 3700円/ $36.08

(You can combine study plans and we will come to you)*

Lesson Fee per student= (1- 2 hours 2,500円/ $25 once a week; 4,500円/ $45 twice a week; 6,500円/ $65 three times a week; 8,500円/ $85 four times a week; 10,000円/ $100 five times a week.

Plan D.) 学習グループ




レッスン代 ( 1- 2時間につき2,500円/週1回, 4,500円/週2回,


6,500円/週3回, 8,500円/週4回, 10,000円/週5回学生一人当たり


We also offer specialty classes that are available depending on instructor availability. Currently available classes are;

Plan E.) Specialty Session(s)

- Cooking Lesson= 3000円 / $30.00 per session

Instructor: Cynthia Walker

Plan E.) 特別授業




- 調理: 3,000円


先生: (Cynthia Walker/ ウォーカー, シンシア