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June 27th Round 1 Club Event*

Posted on June 13, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Members and Family,

On June 27th we will be hosting another event at the Round 1 Bowling center (SPO-CHA) Activity room on the 6th floor.  I would like to apologize to anyone who cannot make this event date due to scheduling.  The date is set for the 27th so that members who were not able to make it last year could attend this year.  The activity room has many different things to do for your child and you alike.  The event will start at 3pm until 6pm.  Please keep track of your children and fill free to come and go on your time.  The SPO-CHA details are liste be low;

Thank You All,

Please use contact info page for questions.

Updated (NEW) Work Schedule

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 2:30 AM


Our club hours have now extended on Mondays and Fridays.  All days are now 9am - 9pm (for whichever 1-2 hour session you may like).  Please, make all request in advance to reserve the time of your choosing.   In all cases, priority is given to members with the highest Plan value and classes are on a first come first served basis.



Posted on February 3, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Policy/ ポリシー [方針];


1.) All classes are offered where there is space and time available.



2.) Unless temporarily due to the shortage of customers, No 1-on-1 classes at headquarters.

[緊急の場合は除きます] 1対1のクラスはありません。




[Adult] Rules/ [大人] ルール;


1.) Pay promptly. (Do not forget to pay for services provided).

授業ごとに支払いは貰います。 [支払うことを忘れないでください]。


2.) Request or cancel reservations. (To get or cancel an appointment, give enough notice).




[Child/ Adult] Members/ [子供/ 大人] メンバー;


1.) ...Will be safe and do not damage property. (Do not act in a way that will damage people or property).

財産を損傷しない。 [仲間や仲間の財産を損傷するような行動をしない]。


2.) ...Will be kind and polite to others. (No fighting or rude and obscene behavior).

親切に丁寧に教えます。 [喧嘩をしたり無礼、わいせつな行動はしません。]


3.) ...Will keep their hands to themselves. (Do not touch people or their property without their consent).

自分の物は自分で維持します。 [他の人の同意なしに他人の物に触れないでください]。



Penalties/ ペナルティー[罰則];


1.) Corrective Actions. (Discussion with member or parent to resolve negative issue).

問題解決に取り組みます。 [何かあれぼメンバーまたは親との話し合いにて、問題を解決します]。


2.) Suspensions or Revocations of Membership. (for uncorrected actions of bad behavior).

メンバーシップの失効。 [悪い行動の訂正されていない方は授業を断る場合があります。]


3.) Fines. (for injuries, damages, late payments, and late cancellations).

罰金。 [怪我、損害賠償、支払い遅延、および急なキャンセルの場合発生します。]

VGAGT Valentine's Day Special

Posted on January 25, 2015 at 7:00 PM




MEMBERS and All,

This week, until the end of February, The VGAGT Club will be having a 50% off sale on specials. From January 26th to February 28th, the Valentine's Day Special price for an adult one day Island Tour is only $30 per person and children's price is also down to $15 per child. We are also having a special in our On-line Study Sessions, which is now only $10 for the session.

VGAGT Incentive Programs

Posted on January 9, 2015 at 5:45 AM

Last year, we did not have many people try to benefit from our incentive programs.  For example, did you know the VGAGT Club gave only eight cash back incentives last year ($5 or 500 yen for each new Plan A member referred by an existing member) and we never reached our limit of new members availability.   We also had one person win a free Women's hand bag with Logo for being the first person to make a reservation on-line.

This year I want to make our incentives more transparent.  As an existing member if your referral leads to a new member (In Any Plan) you will now receive $10 or 1000 yen cash back per new member.  We had a good 2014 but we would like to fill our time slots in 2015, so the more the merrier:)!!!  We are also doing give aways for our Clubs 1st, 10ths, and 100ths.  This means, if you are the 1st, 10th, or 100th person to join a paid membership or any paid service, you can win a prize up to a $40 value.  This prize value can be used on one gift or gifts up to the $40 limit, not to exclude items that may be marked down, on sale, or limited time offers.

Finally, there will be half-price deals on tours and on-line study sessions on certain holidays.  This may be important to members planning something for that special someone on Valentine's Day, perhaps!  We will let you know of any updates or changes in these incentive programs where they exist and if they occur.  Thank You!   

Currently Available Lesson Plans

Posted on May 18, 2014 at 11:45 PM


Classes currently consist of "VGAGT" (Workbook studies in English & Japanese).

Plan A.) Basic Tutorial Study Session

Students’ book fee= 3700円/ $36.08

Lesson Fee= (1 month Free Trial) regular fee: 1000円/ $10.00 per hour

Plan A.) 基本学習用( チュートリアルセッション




レッスン代 ( 1時間につき1,000円


We are also doing tutoring classes for reading comprehension (for students who desire the next step in language proficiency).

Plan B.) Advance Tutorial Study Session

No materials fee (Reading material supplied in class)*

Lesson Fee= 1000円/ $10.00 per hour

Plan B.) 上級基本学習用( チュートリアルセッション




レッスン代 ( 1時間につき1,000円


Our two newest offers are;

Plan C.) 1-to-1 Tutorial Study Session

No materials fee (Reading material supplied in class) or Students’ book fee= 3700円/ $36.08

(You can combine study plans and we will come to you)*

Lesson Fee= (1- 2 hours 3,500円/ $35 once a week; 5,500円/ $55 twice a week; 7,500円/ $75 three times a week; 9,500円/ $95 four times a week; 10,000円/ $100 five times a week.

Plan C.) 1対1( チュートリアルセッション




レッスン代 ( 1- 2時間につき3,500円/週1回, 5,500円/ 週2回,


7,500円/週に3回, 9,500円/週4回, 10,000円/週5回



Plan D.) Personal Study Group Tutorial Session

No materials fee (Reading material supplied in class) or Students’ book fee= 3700円/ $36.08

(You can combine study plans and we will come to you)*

Lesson Fee per student= (1- 2 hours 2,500円/ $25 once a week; 4,500円/ $45 twice a week; 6,500円/ $65 three times a week; 8,500円/ $85 four times a week; 10,000円/ $100 five times a week.

Plan D.) 学習グループ




レッスン代 ( 1- 2時間につき2,500円/週1回, 4,500円/週2回,


6,500円/週3回, 8,500円/週4回, 10,000円/週5回学生一人当たり


We also offer specialty classes that are available depending on instructor availability. Currently available classes are;

Plan E.) Specialty Session(s)

- Cooking Lesson= 3000円 / $30.00 per session

Instructor: Cynthia Walker

Plan E.) 特別授業




- 調理: 3,000円


先生: (Cynthia Walker/ ウォーカー, シンシア